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A dedicated state of the art mobile health and fitness unit which provides services to achieve the highest level of health, fitness and rehabilitation to the drivers, teams and league officials of professional motor sports.





Media Coverage and Public Relations:

  • Priority is given to producing diverse media coverage, brand awareness and other interests for our sponsors to a wide demographic of race fans in a local and national setting. IHF has been featured on ABC, ESPN,, IMS Radio Network, Indy Vision, and Trackside Online.


Television Ratings in 2005

  • ABC Sports showed a 53 percent rating and 54 percent viewership increase
  • ESPN’s ratings were up 33 percent and had a 35 percent increase in viewership

Joyce Julius & Associates: Documented the exposure values during race broadcasts

  • Overall value exposure during the 2005 season was $339,795,225 up $36.3 million
  • Television time increased 57 percent, sponsorship mentions were up 16 percent



  • The 2007 and 2008 season will include a produced feature to highlight the mobile health center and the services provided to the Indy Racing League. The presentation will be shown on all Indy Vision large-screen televisions at all race venues for fan entertainment. This piece will provide excellent brand exposure for Our sponsors in addition to name recognition directly related to the health and performance of the IndyCar Series drivers.


Attendance Growth: The IndyCar Series experienced a 9 percent increase in attendance, and delivered more than 1.3 million avid fans to events in America’s top markets


  • Indy Health and Fitness is dedicated to integrating PR into the marketing aspects of its partners’ programs. Entitlement of the mobile center will be included in all corporate communications for the 2007/08 season. Our sponsors media contacts will be included in all team PR materials and distribution networks to extend the effectiveness of sponsors’ exposure. Prepared written and video press releases will be distributed in all major markets corresponding with all IndyCar Series races and special events for our sponsors. The versatility of these releases allows both television and print media to feature a story within sports, health and fitness, or community categories within the local markets.


Coverage: IndyCar Series experiences front page mentions in 42 of the top-50 newspapers the day following the Indianapolis 500



Consumer Marketing, Branding

  • Indy Health and Fitness offers excellent access to the enormously important consumer market. Examples include utilization of the mobile health facility with our sponsors signage and entitlement at health fairs and special events within communities nationwide. This is an excellent branding opportunity associating our sponsors name with health, fitness, and the credibility of professional athletes and teams. Our sponsors representatives and health professionals can utilize the center to educate the consumer about the benefits of our sponsors network and promote the Human Motion Institute.


Power by Numbers (Scarborough Research 2005), IndyCar fans have:

  • Greater disposable incomes, average fan is 39 years-old and earns $81,000 a year
  • More than 30 million adult IndyCar fans in the U.S., one-third are women
  • Higher brand loyalty
  • Above-average home values
  • Higher education


  • Primary sponsorship will include placement of a vinyl wrap of the fitness trailer with our sponsors Hospital logo, any desired graphics and color scheme with entitlement to maximize branding opportunities. The mobile unit will travel approximately 50,000 miles per year on major thoroughfares nationwide (primarily through the Midwest region) providing a great deal of exposure. At the IndyCar race events, the mobile unit is parked inside the garage area next to team transporters and has excellent exposure to fans and media in a high traffic area.


  • Internet links emphasize and reinforce response mechanisms from fan exposure through the Indy Health and Fitness website. Our sponsors logo, description of the company and services will accompany a link to our sponsor's web site.



Return on Investment, New Business Development:

  • Indy Health and Fitness enjoys an extremely close relationship with the Indy Racing League and all of the teams and sponsors involved. IHF consistently contributes to the health and wellness of these individuals and has earned the trust and respect of many organizations. The teams, league and Indianapolis Motor Speedway employees look to our program for guidance and referrals into all aspects of the health spectrum. The following companies equal over 1,800 employees that are directly utilizing the services of IHF and would be a direct referral network into our sponsors system.
    • Hulman & Company
    • SAMAX Motor sports
    • Indy Racing League
    • Panther Racing
    • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    • Penske Racing
    • A.J. Foyt Racing
    • Rahal-Letterman Racing
    • Andretti Green Racing
    • Target Chip Ganassi Racing
    • Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
    • Vision Racing

These companies do not include the many Indy Pro Series teams, support manufacturers or corporate sponsors of the IRL and teams that also offer exceptional opportunities for referrals and new patient development. As a member of the Indiana Motor sports Association, IHF also has relationships with hundreds of companies directly related to the motor sports industry within the state of Indiana. A list of these companies is available on request and regular network meetings are held in the Indianapolis area as well as the ability to distribute literature and company information to the membership.


Below is a listing of just a few of the corporate sponsors of the IndyCar Series and teams that offer a direct lead business to business opportunity at the tracks or through referral:

    • Bridgestone/Firestone TN
    • Argent Mortgage IL, CA
    • Honda America, CA
    • Canadian Club Spirits, IL
    • Motorola, IL
    • NYSE, NY
    • 7-Eleven TX Bombardier Air ,TX
    • St. Vincent Hospital Services, IN
    • Red Bull USA, TX
    • Penske Corporation PA, MI, NC
    • AirTran, GA
    • Target Stores, MN
    • Pioneer Electronics, CA
    • Menards Hardware, IN
    • Panasonic, NJ
    • XM Satellite Radio, DC
    • Phillip-Morris, VA
    • Ethanol/EPIC, NE
    • Energizer Battery, MS
    • GlaxoSmithKline, PA
    • ABC Supply, WI
    • ExxonMobil, TX
    • Citgo, TX
    • AT&T, TX
    • Bryant Heating and Cooling, IN
    • Delphi MI, IN
    • Patron Spirits, NV

This is merely a sampling of the many corporations that are integrally involved in race events and teams. Our program has the unique opportunity to meet and communicate with these and all of the other corporate representation in our mobile center or team and league hospitality areas. This is unique due to the fact that we are a universally accepted program within the league without ties to any direct competitive entry. Teams and league officials are eager to help with the development of our services and have offered their willingness to cooperate with any efforts that we bring to them. It is important to understand that there also exist several smaller corporate sponsors within each team that present additional opportunities. The above partial list represents hundreds of thousands of potential patients generated in a competitive Indiana hospital environment.


Indy Health and Fitness will work with teams and corporate partners of the league to create a direct referral network to the physician specialist’s network with the help of Our sponsors representatives. Participants and sponsors already look to our program to direct their health needs, and this network will create the availability and quality care desired from the league.


  • Sponsorship also creates the opportunity to utilize our sponsors branded mobile center to conduct year round on-site health screens for potential and existing corporate clients. This value-added service will contribute to member benefits, strengthen corporate relationships and promote brand loyalty to Our sponsors.
    Members can receive valuable education of wellness programs, fitness, vital screenings and information on health related products promoting a healthy, productive work force.


  • Partnership also provides meeting space and hospitality within an exciting environment at races to entertain potential or existing clients and to develop new business relationships in all major markets where race events are held.



Indy Health and Fitness Current Marketing Partners:

Consider the Partnership Level and benefits that best Suit your company’s needs:
Indy Health and Fitness has set up various partnership options for potential marketing partners to consider. The investment required, and the benefits associated with each partnership option have been carefully reviewed to adequately reflect the direct costs related to running a championship race health and rehabilitation program in for all elite race series




The Value of Partnership:

  • Today’s motorsports partnerships encompass more than just seeing your company name on the side of a race car. Motorsports partnerships have the ability to provide and deliver a significant selling advantage to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies.

Indy Health and Fitness will help you build and implement an effective motorsports marketing plan and will provide a source of promotional ideas, as well as additional business partnerships that your company may not have had access to previously.


The Annual Partnership Advantage:

The advantage of a fully funded program ensures that Indy Health and Fitness can plan and be prepared for all race events each year. This requires putting together a realistic plan with realistic budget figures. If additional partners are found throughout the race season, Indy Health and Fitness has more flexibility and can allocate additional funds towards items such as additional research and development for our health and rehabilitative programs.


In return, successful partnerships will ensure Indy Health and Fitness has secured the required funds to allow the team to focus on building the preeminent race mobile Health and Fitness unit in North America.


Indy Health and Fitness through its marketing partnerships will strive to ensure that each marketing partner will have the ability to capitalize on a state wide level as well as a national level. We are committed to bringing the highest value and return on investment to help build an economically sound business environment for Indiana Companies. We give our word that we will provide a greater visual and hands on marketing impact than you have ever received before at this value. We anticipate that over the 2007/08 season, your brand will be seen, touched or sampled by over 25million people nation wide.


ANNUAL RACE Partnership Packages:


Partnership Level Designation Annual Investment:
Title Sponsor: $ 300,000
Associate Sponsor: $ 100,000



Title Sponsor:

This page outlines the benefits the Title Sponsor will receive for their investment and participation in Indy Health and Fitness


The Title Sponsors will have the opportunity to brand and name the mobile center with your corporate name.


The Title Sponsor’s corporate identity will also receive the most exposure of any partner and will appear on the:


Mobile Health and Fitness Facility Branding
- vinyl wrap of fitness trailer with approved graphics and logos


Team Clothing
- All health professionals will wear clothing with the branded logos


Other Applications
- as stipulated in Official Partnership Agreement.


Your company can use the designation of Title Sponsor and will be identified as such for all events.


An initial press release will be issued about the partnership agreement to all major publications and news services including ESPN radio shows and network features.

All subsequent press releases during each race event will include the Official Partner’s name. Placement of the partner’s identity on IHF’s website along with a brief description and link to the partner’s web site.



Use of the Official Partner designation in trade advertising and on promotional material; leading up to and after each event.
The possibility of IHF gear and casual wear being made available for the partner to use for their own promotional activities can be negotiated.



The right to use the IHF logos, names,
likeness and identification in advertising and promotional material leading up to and after each event. Designated liaison representative at events to provide introductions and leads for business to business opportunities.

First right of refusal for use of the mobile center for corporate appearances. The unit will be available at any period outside of race events and is available to the title sponsor exclusively.



Other partnership programs are available and will be determined by each individual partner agreement. Example, annual credentials, race events tickets, hospitality, garage tours and use of the unit at race events



By creating a multi year sponsorship, value can be added to secure the title and benefits of sponsorship.



Associate Sponsor

This outlines the benefits the Associate Sponsor will receive for their investment and participation in Indy Health and Fitness



The Associate Sponsor’s corporate identity will prominently appear on:

Mobile Health and Fitness Facility Branding
- logo on two high profile areas of the truck

Team Clothing
- small logo on health team gear



Your company can use the designation of Associate sponsor and will be identified as such.



An initial press release will be issued about the partnership agreement.


All subsequent press releases during the race events will include the Associate Sponsor’s name. Placement of the partner identity on the IHF’s website along with a brief description and link to the partner’s web site.



Use of the Official Partner designation in trade advertising and on promotional material; leading up to and after each event.
The possibility of IHF gear and casual wear being made available for the partner to use for their own promotional activities can be negotiated. TV Advertising, Hospitality and race track branding. Additional Measurable marketing strategies will be applied during the contract period. Small endorsement on weekly ESPN radio program and regular network features.



The right to use the IHF logos, names, likeness and identification in advertising and promotional material leading up to and after each event.

Use of the teams as a product or service endorser, consultant and Spokesperson; leading up to and after each event. Personal appearances will need to be negotiated on an individual basis to avoid conflicts with existing IHF events.



Every Official Partner will have the first option of continuing their business relationship with Indy Health and Fitness in subsequent years.




  • The partnership information contained within this brochure has been provided to assist with marketing decisions. There is a great deal of flexibility to custom design the perfect corporate partnership to specifically accommodate the individual needs of our sponsors. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Indy Health and Fitness and look forward to the opportunity to succeed with our sponsors in the future. To learn more about these programs and for additional information please contact:

Dr. Rob Schroeder
President, Indy Health and Fitness, LLC
(317) 442-5143




The budgetary figures and benefits outlined in this brochure are provided for the sole purpose of review by your company. It contains information that is privileged and confidential. Any disclosure of this information or commercial presentation of this material without the consent of Indy Health and Fitness is unauthorized.






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