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CleanAir Associates, Inc.



Clean air through Catalytic Technology

The Clean Air Catalytic Converter is the latest design of the technology that has been studied for years. The converter installs in the fuel line before the combustion chamber, after the fuel filter. On gasoline engines, independent dyno tests have shown an increase in horsepower and torque features while dropping carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and NOx emissions significantly at the tail pipe. Diesel engines show a reduction in the smoke particulate at the exhaust almost immediately with serious reductions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NOx as shown on an emissions analyzer and fuel consumption reduced by 10 percent or more. The catalyst is harmless, never needs maintenance, is relatively easy to install, can be transferred to another vehicle and lasts for a lifetime. Our goal is to reduce harmful emissions and offer a solution that is efficient and affordable helping to clean our environment of harmful pollutants for years to come.



  • CFC-SS Stage 1: Up to 400 cid engines. Standard gasoline engines in cars and light trucks for general purpose usage and high performance engines.
  • CFC-FC Stage 3: 1/2 ton and larger with high demand fuel consumption.
  • CFC-FC Stage 4: Heavy duty on and off road diesel engines for commercial applications over 350 horsepower including dozers, loaders, and graders, cranes, large pumps, irrigation engines, private and commercial pleasure and work boats where smoke and emissions reduction is a premium demand.
  • CFC-Locomotive 2000 HP: Specifically designed for EMD locomotive, generator and marine engines.
  • Custom applications available



We have the ability to sell these units at wholesale or retail, depending on the nature of your company. If you have any costs associated to transportation, these devices can offer a significant savings.



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