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StretchMate, Inc.



StretchMate was founded in 1989 by Fred Dolan, an ergonomics expert and fitness leader. He is also the founder of the American Flexibility Institute (AFI), an organization established to coordinate clinical research in flexibility training. Fred developed the original StretchMate Flexibility System based on his personal desire to maintain an active lifestyle.


Today, StretchMate is a leading provider of branded health and fitness products designed to address the need for stretching and flexibility enhancement. While the interest in fitness across all age groups continues to increase, fitness enthusiasts recognize the need for all three fitness components (strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility). Stretching is now an integral component of total body fitness.

StretchMate’s Flexibility Systems are designed to enhance flexibility through a combination of both active and passive stretching. These systems can be purchased for commercial and/or home use directly from StretchMate.





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